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5887 Glenridge Drive, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia, 30328

(770) 330-9172



High Level View of Services

Performance  *  Regulatory  *  Planning  *  Audit  *  Advisory

The size of your organization and the scope of a particular project will typically establish a focus area for our services.  As a generalization, DIG services and examples that follow have covered:

  • Expense Optimization (process change, staffing models, payroll & benefits, lease analysis, and banking & credit relationships);
  • Revenue Growth and Control (plugging revenue leakage, identifying pricing deficiencies, and billing systems reviews);
  • Strategic and Financial Planning (venture capital, cash flow analysis, competitor assessments, and multi-year planning);
  • Technology Leverage (operations, communications, marketing, and networking channels); and,
  • Regulatory & Risk Assessments (security, loss control, audit programs and FinCEN reporting).


When you engage with DIG, we work with you to define a statement of work (SOW) which serves as the basis for contract wording, performance measurement, and all other aspects of project management. We drive value for our clients through achieving your desired results within budget, on time, and most importantly, by consistently delivering more than our client's expectations. If we cannot drive results that can be quantified by a multiple of 3 to 10 times our fees, you do not need our services. When you succeed, we succeed.


Our TEAM is made up of exceptional individuals with the following experiences for our clients to draw upon. As necessary, we also broaden our TEAM with a rich and deep list of known professionals. 


Performance is the heart and soul of an organization. The same is true at DIG. Our success is measured by how well we perform for you. The services DIG provides related to performance activities include revenue recognition and leakage studies, procurement services, cash review and optimization, balance sheet management and more.  DETAILED INFORMATION....


Regulatory program management and risk concerns have become the central focus of many organizations. DIG has become a valued partner of our clients as an independent and qualified third party auditor performing Large Cash Transaction (CTR) end-to-end reviews to a variety of risk management and annual testing services.  DETAILED INFORMATION...


Planning and strategic thought leadership are best completed when your partners have subject matter expertise that makes a difference. DIG's services are based on over 50 years of work in logistics and distribution planning for currency and coin, modeling of banknote printing requirements, and all aspects of cash center automation. DETAILED INFORMATION...


Advisory services are the most common of all consulting services. DIG is very uncommon in the broad scope of businesses and industries that leverage our talents. DIG has helped startup companies achieve rapid growth and success, assisted investment companies refine the targets of their investments, and leveraged our experience and knowledge performing market studies and analyses. DETAILED INFORMATION...


Audit is the insurance program that lets management sleep better at night. DIG's role as an independent set of eyes ensures the soundness of an organization's processes and structure. From virtual vault reviews to site and security assessments, DIG can tailor make programs to raise the level of your internal controls. DETAIL INFORMATION...