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DIG views their role not as consultants but as partners to compliment the resources of our clients.

Commercial & Retail Banks

With DIG's deep understanding of operations in the world of banking and cash operations, we provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge. Over the years DIG has built up processes and solutions for a wide variety of challenges. In addition to these services DIG has added an additional level of expertise to assist in Regulatory and risk management issues. The essence of our  services comes down to one thing -- creating value. Our clients benefit considerably more than what they actually pay for our services as we help them  achieve their goals. 

Direct DIG Experience

  • Seven years executive experience overseeing currency operations for a top 10 US bank.
  • Responsibility included management of overall currency center operations ($80 billion in annual currency deposits), ATM Deposit processing (21 million consumer deposits), Currency Optimization ($2.0 billion in currency managed), armored car sourcing, coin/U.S. Mint activities, and Federal Reserve Bank liaison functions.
  • Executive leadership through three major bank mergers/integrations and continued to implement a vision of currency management for the Banks’s growing volumes and geographic footprint.
  • Numerous projects including Regulatory reviews, Branch Teller Cash Recycler pilots, RFP facilitation, third party inventory reviews, bankruptcy notice streamlining, lost revenue reviews, etc.

Central Banks

A unique aspect of Central Banks is that they have no competitors in their own country but carry the burden of trust and confidence in how they manufacture, distribute, and manage their country's holdings.  In addition to the threats of counterfeit note production, they must also deal with issues related to capacity planning, inventory levels, note quality, and distribution. Each country has its own set of challenges that may not be experienced by peers worldwide, so finding the right business partners to work on strategy, innovation, problem solving, technical advancements, etc., are essential to their success.



DIG Direct Experience

  • 12 years experience working at Federal Reserve and helped establish the first Cash/Fiscal Product Office.
  • Implemented of high speed currency processing platforms, introduction of new series U.S. banknotes, and chairing various task forces on automation, process standardization, capacity analysis, and long-term strategic planning.
  • Participated in developing management tools and capacity planning for both the  Central Banks of the Ukraine and Chile.
  • Designed systems to address Central Bank information management.
  • Travelled to and interacted with Central Banks on all of the major continents of the world.

Cash Logistics & Armored Carriers

The cash logistics and armored services industry struggle with the label of being a "commodities" business while trying to differentiate themselves with technology and services. More importantly are the challenges of delivering a consistent quality service to a variety of customers with varying needs. Outsourcing by the major banks worldwide continues to grow putting more pressure on the carriers to better equip themselves with resources, both systems and equipment.

Direct DIG Experience

  • Over forty years of currency logistics and optimization solutions have had a worldwide influence on the industry.
  • Seven years executive experience developing currency processing solutions for a top US armored carrier.
  • Cash center and automation redesign including evaluation and recommendation of new currency automation software platforms.

Retailers & Casinos 

Whether it is exchanging payments for consumer goods or entertainment services, the acceptance and management of payment instruments tends to be the secondary business of many entities. Currency and coin continue to grow as a popular form of payment, notwithstanding the growth of other mediums. The exceptional processes that these businesses have in place for their primary lines of business are equally as important for managing payments.

Direct Dig Experience

  • Over 30 years experience working with retailers and casinos providing systems and solutions to their back offices. An important component of these efforts was to ensure the client is  taking full advantage of the treasury products offered by the banking community.
  • Developed standalone and networked currency, coin, and check processing systems for back office operations.
  • Completed credit and debit card fee assessments.

Private Equity and Venture Capitalists

Ever since Perry Brinks purchased a horse-drawn delivery wagon in 1859 and began delivering money to the bank hidden amongst a load of laundry, the investment community has been intrigued by investing in cash logistics  related to banking while trying to balance the associated risks. The armored carrier and cash processing business while not a high margin industry is a stable and a somewhat inflationary proof vehicle for long-term investments. Regardless of the volatility of the economy, the need for controlled movement and processing of physical valuables will always exist as long as the supply of currency continues to be a strong medium of exchange. What is critical for investors is to fully understand the dynamics of this niche industry and carefully select the best investments prudently.  Locating and engaging subject matter experts (SMEs) is absolutely necessary to mitigating the investment risk.

Direct DIG Experience

  • Over 40 years experience within all aspects of the industry;  banking, central banks, armored carriers, ATM operations, retail store back office operations, systems/equipment, security, regulatory and risk assessment, and ongoing involvement at all levels with many of the leading companies in the industry.
  • Recent engagements with venture capitalists regarding potential investments.
  • Actively involve in thought leadership for the industry.


Small/Medium Business - Entrepreneurs

Most small businesses and nearly all start-ups struggle with limited resources. Key to success is the proper utilization of the resources available. Our team is well versed in the day to day challenges of small business and start-up organizations. We offer services focused on helping these companies overcome resource limitations to achieve sustainable growth. Our focus areas include (a) Business Development, (b) Strategic Planning,  (c) Operational Review and Development, and (d) Financial Planning. We often deliver these services in the form of mentoring the leadership team.

Direct DIG Experience

  • Instrumental in taking a software development company from start-up through to a 7-digit acquisition in less than three years.
  • Set up and oversaw the operations of a start-up distribution company from zero to $2million in profitable sales in less than a year.
  • Co-founded an entrepreneur support group called eTeam Atlanta which continues to meet monthly.
  • Currently providing regular advisory services to several start-up companies from technology to environmental initiatives.