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NOTE: Below are examples of programs/projects completed by DIG. Additional information can be provided upon request.

 Business advisory services

DIG regularly advises startups and small companies throughout all phases of their business life cycle. In addition, a principal of DIG co-founded E-Team Atlanta a support group for entrepreneurs where many new businesses were incubated.

     Advisory services for process, controls, and financing programs

DIG has developed support programs and networks to leverage existing business lines or foster growth of new businesses.  The DIG advisory program covers a diverse series of subjects including operating line of credit, other financing channels, accounting systems, business creation steps, payroll services, etc... DIG provides ongoing management and advisory services to numerous clients in very diverse businesses.

     Fuel hedging study and platform

DIG has addressed ongoing concerns for Banks with the volatility of fuel surcharges, which historically have been a somewhat open ended component of armored service contracts. DIG developed an industry-wide solution, in conjunction with an energy management partner, with a minimal but fixed across the board cost increase.

     Market analysis

DIG regularly completes market analyses for our clients as they are developing strategic plans for new products, analysis of existing product performance, market trends, and future direction.  The library of DIG analyses includes software platforms, identifying hardware needs, and return on investment for expenditures.

     Market surveys and studies

DIG completed a market feedback project for one of our clients for both current and prospective clients. The feedback included addressing key issues affecting our client’s market presence, trends, and industry concerns. The survey included the results of both on-site and phone interviews.

     Setting up cash management service business

DIG designed and advised a customer program for introducing new business products including all aspects of the business plan, operational guidelines, and performance matrix both in the evaluation stages and implementation.

     Investment advisory services

DIG is frequently called upon as subject matter experts for venture capital and investment companies and other organizations seeking industry insights regarding performance, risk, market trends, etc…  Recent inquires included bank security devices, software, and armored car operations.