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Worldwide Trusted Advisers

 Banks - Armored Carriers - Retailers - Casinos - Small Business - Entrepreneurs


For a top 20 Bank, DIG developed an enterprise wide strategy for the bank's cash holdings. Summary results included over $100 million in inventory reduction, and a total hard dollars savings of over $4 million. The review included peer benchmarking, infrastructure recommendations and management performance targets.


For a top 5 Bank, DIG completed an extensive Regulatory review for Large Cash Transaction (CTR) reporting. The project included end-to-end process and system mapping, through to FinCEN reporting. A full cash reconciliation audit program was developed for ongoing annual validation.


For a top 20 Bank DIG facilitated   Request For Proposal (RFP) services by redesigning use of services resulting in over $12 million in hard dollar savings over the life of the 4 year contact. Acting as a resource to the Bank's sourcing department, DIG provided exceptional industry specific skills and services to drive the results.

Our Value Proposition….

DIG views our role not as consultants but as partners who complement our clients’ internal operations or specifically target achievable objectives.  DIG’s perspectives have been shaped by our collective, varied experiences from many years of leadership roles at the Federal Reserve Bank, numerous financial institutions, armored car, and hardware and software suppliers.  Moreover, our experience spans many operational functions covering accounting, financing, regulatory, IT services, risk management, security, audit, procurement, cost containment, customer experience, strategy/planning, contracts, balance sheet management, revenue leakage, logistics, mail operations, and more! 

The DIG team has been engaged with clients primarily in the cash services industry but our team has also been very active in other industries such as mobile device deployment and support services, produce distribution, marketing new products and services, cold storage, retail payments, and soil enrichment products just to name a few.  DIG develops solutions that address our client’s points of concerns, and these solutions are based upon our collective, real-world management expertise.  The DIG team readily weaves into our clients’ operations, and DIG team members become trusted advisors for our clients.

Noteworthy companies we have served include the top 3 U.S. Banks by deposits and 5 of the top 20.