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5887 Glenridge Drive, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia, 30328

(770) 330-9172


Meet the Team

TOM WILHELM  Partner    Contact:             609. 335.3222  Email:


Contact:           609.335.3222


Area of Expertise : 

Bank operations, all processes touching currency and coin, business advisory services, and risk management

Education Background :

Penn State University, Graduate of Bank Administration Institute’s School of Banking (Vanderbilt University), and American Management Association

Location :
Philadelphia Region, USA

Tom is a General Partner at Decision Intelligence Group, LLC a boutique consulting group focused on the financial services industry covering financial institutions, central banks, armored car companies, retailers, and small businesses.   Tom has over thirty years of progressive business process management experience and for the past twelve years, Tom has served clients in the operations, treasury management and business advisory areas.   Moreover, Tom has geographically and culturally diverse viewpoint on process management garnered from serving clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Tom’s expertise covers a wide-range of subjects including process optimization, non-earning asset management, treasury product assessments, facilities planning, technology solutions for many financial and risk management channels, small business advisory services, ATM operations, competitive sourcing and negotiation mentoring, vendor and outsourcing management, and logistics planning and execution.  Tom continually strives to add tangible value to clients’ operations and prides himself on following through with projects until the recommended improvements are achieved. 

MARK ELLIS  Partner    Contact:            770.330.9172   Email:   


Contact:          770.330.9172



Area of Expertise :
Cash Logistics and Business Development

Entrepreneur Experience :
Software Development Business and Internet Programs for NASCAR drivers.

Other Key Experiences :
Extensive International travel and business development.

Location :
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Mark has been an active entrepreneur since 1989. Ten years in banking at the Royal Bank of Canada culminated with his role in developing one of the first PC based cash processing systems and continues to be used throughout the world. Working and living internationally have shaped his innovative mindset. When he's not building DIG, you'll find him all over the world with his camera and passion for capturing life, one shot at a time.

After successfully taking a startup through to acquisition, Mark continued to grow its application base and market penetration throughout North America and Internationally. While living in London and Munich, Germany enhanced his knowledge with international business and cash center exposure at all levels including retailers, armored carriers, banks, and central banks. Leveraging performance and profitability by applying information capture and analysis techniques have been an integral part of his solution selling worldwide.


Based on the size and scope of the project DIG has a wealth of human resources to draw upon with proven and experienced talent to ensure you always get the best!

Our talent pool includes expertise in the following areas:

  • ATM Network Management
  • Audits
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Bank Operations
  • Banknote Distribution Systems
  • Cash Optimization Systems
  • Central Bank Operations

  • Distribution Center Robotics
  • Cash Center Automation and Operations Design
  • Financing
  • Investment Analysis
  • Logistics
  • Market Assessments
  • Network Technology and Security
  • Performance Analysis
  • Regulatory 
  • Enhancement Programs
  • RFP/RFI Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Reviews
  • Software Design & Review
  • Vendor Management

What I believe we do best is going into organizations and doing things that they cannot do for themselves. In the end, the real result of our work is shown through the success of our clients’ employees and their satisfactory customers’ experience.
— Mark Ellis, Founder of DIG