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5887 Glenridge Drive, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia, 30328

(770) 330-9172



We call it DIGGING deeper...

Sometimes you have to work harder and work smarter to compete with the big guys... at DIG we simply know where to "dig" for the results you need!!


DIG develops solutions that address our client’s points of concern and these solutions are based upon our collective, real-world experiences managing balance sheets, cash networks, third party service providers, software roadmaps, etc…

DIG has been actively involved in cash industry market dynamics and in a number of ways have helped shape the current and future currency processing and services markets. 

The key to this impact has been DIG’s ability to translate our knowledge into actionable, deliverable products and services to banks, armored car companies, retailers, casinos, small business, etc…


  1. DIG brings a different set of eyes to view our client’s challenges and our perspective is not driven by politics or any other internal barriers. DIG operates in the best interest of the company. Simply stated, "trusted advisors."
  2. At DIG, we're in it for the long haul. We don't just generate a report and take our money and run. DIG makes sure that our clients actually receive the benefits we outline.
  3. DIG has over 50 years of combined experience unraveling operation problems and challenges, eager and ready to take on yours!
  4. At DIG, we measure the true success of our business by the third and fourth projects we complete for our clients.

DIG's collective Experiences

DIG's Team has a unique perspective on “been there -- done that.” We have the experience to claim it coupled with the knowledge that every “been there -- done that” is a new and challenging experience. DIG's collective success and failure experiences can be leveraged to our client’s advantage. You’ll be confident knowing a qualified, experienced team is working on your behalf to make your action powerful!