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NOTE: Below are examples of programs/projects completed by DIG. Additional information can be provided upon request.

   Cash review, optimization, and balance sheet management

DIG has performed multiple currency utilization reviews for financial institutions, examining the efficiency rates of cash usage across all delivery channels.  These detailed reviews cover currency and coin usage analyses, industry benchmarks, effects on ATM availability, and third party/outsourcer effectiveness.  Specific, actionable recommendations are offered to our clients for immediate implementation.

     Branch automation analysis

DIG developed a comprehensive analysis of branch automation equipment, processes, and controls.  This exhaustive study included a comparison of vendor modeling tools, equipment functionalities, and the creation of a Bank specific modeling tool for decision-making.

   Procurement services

DIG regularly manages and executes Request For Proposal (RFP) processes for our clients. The RFP program is comprised of evaluating current services, identifying service gaps, defining a customized detailed statement of work, negotiating contractual agreements, and designing product delivery strategies as needed. DIG’s program complements our client’s sourcing department review and preparation procedures.   Our clients experience results that include improved service levels, measurable cost reductions, and use of an ongoing monitoring program for managing suppliers throughout the contract term.

    Operational review programs

DIG regularly completes operational reviews and volume reconciliation services at all operational levels and compares these to actual workflows. These reviews include mapping service volumes to revenue product codes, revealing pricing and profitability anomalies in service products, analyzing outsourced service volumes and reporting accuracy, and developing a comprehensive reference report, categorizing hard and soft dollar savings opportunities.

    Revenue recognition and leakage studies

DIG performs a comprehensive end-to-end revenue optimization, analysis, and recognition for our clients.  The “study” includes a thoroughly tested and developed program that analyzes product volumes with actual workflows and mapping of services with all types of billing systems. Covered. As identified, pricing and profitability anomalies are documented and reported for improved financial performance.

    Bankruptcy notification program

DIG developed a detailed program for Bankruptcy Notifications to ensure all actions for bankruptcy and foreclosures were followed properly, legal requirements were met, and related support processes were operationally sound.

    Retailer’s card and cash payments review

DIG collaborated with leading subject matter experts in the payments industry to develop an analysis platform that evaluates point of sale transaction costs for retailers.  The scope of the project included debit card, credit card, loyalty cards, cash, armored car services, and banking services.

    Remote cash capture analysis

DIG developed complete review programs for remote cash capture programs to examine product profitability, assess risk, evaluate processing efficiencies, and scope appropriately sized solutions (across multiple supplier equipment and service platforms).

   Coin logistics and distribution

DIG developed a program to deploy a self-service coin processing business for the banking community.   This included a pricing, process, and placement model that comprehensively addressed the Banks’ real and perceived barriers for adoption.